Matthew A. Sidor

Attorney At Law

Property Management

Illinois is a tenant-friendly state. Failure to “follow the rules” could be very detrimental to property owners seeking to enforce their rights, including the potential loss of monies rightfully owed in the first place, and incurring additional obligations to pay the opposing party’s attorneys’ fees! If you are a landlord, condominium association or tenant of the same, Mr. Sidor, can help you correctly and efficiently enforce and protect your rights. Services are designed to maximize recovery while limiting expense and include (i) the preparation and issuance of statutory notices; (ii) confirmation pertaining to legal title; (iii) lien perfection, foreclosure and defense; (iv) negotiations of payment plans; (v) administration of settlement agreements; (vi) eviction services; (vii) coordination of eviction with the Sheriff; (viii) post-eviction procedures; (ix) petitions associate with bankruptcy stays; and (x) pleading practice associated with foreclosures.