Matthew A. Sidor

Attorney At Law

Mechanics Liens

Illinois courts consider a mechanics lien to be a privilege and not a right. Securing and foreclosing on the same is a complicated prospect. You receive the benefits only if you strictly adhere to the legal and technical requirements. Bottom line- miss a deadline by one day and you have lost it. Unlike other areas of the law where you can argue equities, find technical exceptions and lawful excuses, there is no forgiveness here.

Matthew A. Sidor, Attorney at Law, has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your lien has been properly perfected or cause an improper lien to be released from a property. A mechanics lien is primarily for general contractors, subcontractors, laborers, and material/equipment suppliers, but it also covers laborers, architects, land surveyors, engineers, superintendents, time keepers, asbestos removal contractors, demo contractors, persons who haul away debris, suppliers of appliances, carpeting contractors, landscaping contractors (original planting only), contractors installing electrical signs, persons raising or lowering homes, as well as services for water well drilling. Architects and engineers will receive a lien even if they only produce drawings or specifications, and do not visit the site or perform contract administration. Mr. Sidor has successfully negotiated liens on behalf of contractors, subcontractors, laborers and owners in both private and publicly funded projects.

Contact Mr. Sidor at the earliest point where you realize a lien may be necessary. Numerous deadlines exist pertaining to work done on different types of property, in each instance, with extremely short pre-lien notices that must be sent to residential real estate owners in various situations. With payment for services and materials, as well as statutory interest and attorneys’ fees at issue, it does not pay to delay in ensuring that your lien has been properly addressed.