Matthew A. Sidor

Attorney At Law

Representation before the IRS

Failure to satisfy your tax liabilities can be a serious problem. There are many strict deadlines to observe when dealing with the IRS at the administrative level. Failure to meet those deadlines may result in a waiver of potential objections and possible resolutions to the taxes at issue may be lost. Penalties and interest compound the problem. Matthew A. Sidor, Attorney at Law, is an IRS-registered representative of businesses and individuals who have not and cannot successfully negotiate alleged current and past-due tax liabilities.

Whether individual, corporate, or employment or “trust fund” taxes are at issue, Mr. Sidor will become the point person with the revenue agent or officer pertaining to your dispute and keep you advised at all times as to all continued communications. The goal is to protect you from unwarranted collection and enforcement action while resolving the problem.

The facts of your matter may warrant proposing an installment plan, making an offer in compromise (paying less than you owe because you cannot pay the full amount), seeking innocent spouse relief, or seeking the abatement of penalties and interest that have been unjustly imposed upon you.

There is a solution to your taxpayer problem. Contact Matthew A. Sidor, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation.