Matthew A. Sidor

Attorney At Law

Condominium Development

When developing or converting a building to a condominium building, compliance with the Illinois Condominium Act, 765 ILCS 605/1, et. seq., is required. Matthew A. Sidor, Attorney at Law, has the experience to effectively and efficiently transfer the property. Work for a typical new development includes:

  1. Consultation regarding compliance with the Illinois Condominium Property Act and the City of Chicago Condominium Ordinance (as needed), notice and other requirements.
  2. Consultation regarding title report and clearance of title exceptions and other title defects.
  3. Preparation of Condominium Declaration and Association Bylaws.
  4. Preparation of the disclosure statements required under the applicable Illinois Condominium Act and City of Chicago Ordinance (as needed).
  5. Supervision of preparation of condominium survey and engineering report.
  6. Submission of property to the Illinois Condominium Property Act and assistance, preparation, submission and filing of all necessary documents and notices, including the Property Report, Operating Budget, etc.
  7. Other acts required in the formation of the Condominium Association.
  8. Preparation of form transfer documents, including the Deed.
  9. Preparation of all necessary documentation relating to turning control of the Condominium Association over to the unit owners.